Houston Texans (9-1) Qualifiers eye in the Thanksgiving game against Detroit

6 Dec

Houston Texans (9-1) Qualifiers eye in the Thanksgiving game against Detroit
DETROIT (AP) – The Houston Texans have been able to become the first NFL team to seal a playoff spot and move a step closer to gaining home field advantage in AFC.Houston (9-1) has won four straight and is 4 -0 on the road this season, giving the Texans a shot to be in consecutive postseasons for the first time. “This demonstrates the progress we’ve made,” said tight end Owen Daniels, who has been with the franchise for seven of its 11 years of existence. “A few years ago, it took until the end of the season to get that ninth win. We are already in the ninth victory.” We are trying to stack ’em up, but it is good that it is possible that this early in the season. “Houston needs to win at Detroit (4-6) on Thursday and has a handful of teams to lose, or draw, win a bet playoffs for the end of the end of the Lions semana.Los, meanwhile, will take a series of complaints against a lot of good teams to achieve the goal of the franchise to reach consecutive postseasons for the first time since mid-1990.Justo when it looked like Detroit was up to its promises great season last year winning three of four games to go back to 0500 earlier this month, the Lions lost two in a row., and that he did last season as an aberration that the beginning of the successful franchise for a fight that bottomed out in 2008 as the the first NFL team to 0-16. “We’re not thinking about the playoffs or anything else,” said Lions coach Jim Schwartz. “We are thinking at the Houston Texans, and this is enough to think of at this time. “Like all good teams, the Texans have shown they can win even when not playing the humble bien.Houston Jacksonville Jaguars lost last week at home by 14 points in the fourth quarter before rallying to the defense, 43-37 victory extra. The Texans time ‘that was among the best in the NFL all year, struggled to a stop when they needed it. badly that quarterback Matt Schaub and receiver Andre Johnson had career connected juegos.Schaub 43 passes for 527 yards, total is tied for the second most in league history, and Johnson set a personal record with 273 yards receiving.’s franchise record fifth touchdown pass was a screen to Johnson, who did the rest with a 48-yard score on winning goal. “You never know in this league every week what kind of game will be kind and we were stuck in a shooting game with a lot of crime,” said Houston coach Gary Kubiak. ” We were lucky to find a way to win. “Detroit has done enough to lose 24-20 to the Green Bay Packers last week at his home, where he had many opportunities to get a much needed victory. Lions problems have been compounded by a serious injury and left tackle Jeff Backus distracción.El could not finish the first half due to a hamstring injury hamstring, which seemed to be in the right leg, and his 186-game starting streak that includes all the games of his career is expected to end on Thursday. “It ‘s difficult to replace a rock that has been there for 12 years,” said the veteran center Dominic Raiola. “It’ s just different without him out there.” Riley Reiff Detroit drafted with the 23rd overall pick this year, plan to groom him as a player to eventually replace Backus. rookie may need to take defensive end JJ Watt, who is among the leaders in the NFL with 11 sacks and a half and brings all men line defense in the league with 11 passes defendidos. Houston, however, do not have to worry about No. 2 receiver Titus Young makes use of one-one-one the cover because the Lions announced Monday that it would be inactive because of his behavior “unacceptable” during the game against the Packers. ” When you’re a player, it’s your job to make the team happy, “said Schwartz.” It ‘team work to make you happy. “Lions fans are not happy when it comes to results Gracias.Detroit Action Day has lost eight franchise record directly on holiday – on average more than three touchdowns – and has only one victory in the last 11 games in its annual showcase after winning nine of 12 games since 1989 2000.___Online-http :/ / pro32. ap.org / poll and http:// twitter.com / AP_NFL___Follow Larry Lage in Twitter: http://twitter.com/larrylage

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