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2 Dec

Groublogpon – The Blog Groupon serious
Last week, Groupon has made an important evolutionary step: Now, you can search, browse and buy thousands of offers in Chicago and New York (and soon, in all the cities Groupon served in the United States) * If you are looking for an activity weekend, cleaning, navigating a mobile place to get an oil change on the way home from work, or a good Mexican restaurant when you are visiting her parents in Pittsburgh, you can now use Groupon when you have a need at the local level, and that is likely what you are most people buscando.La known as the original supplier Groupon daily deals, every day, trying to show in your inbox entry. This is great not only for big savings, but because you’re never sure what to expect. The possibility of a major new discovery is emocionante.En Groupon, we refer to this as “demand generation.” It ‘a boring way to describe it is not boring. And while it has become a quite massive, is not quite like most people buy. Usually when people buy something is because you are looking for. I’m hungry, so look for a place to eat. This is what we call “the fulfillment of the question.” For a long time, compliance Groupon question was something I could do. Our offer was short-lived, we would like to launch a bid, it would be emailed to customers for a day or two and then disappear. So, never develop any actual inventory to offer people when they were actually looking for something. About 18 months ago, however, we began to develop the model, we have created Groupon Now! We use our extensive network of business partners to create a wide selection of a new type of agreement, an agreement to use at this time, and made easily inventory navegable.Nuestros customers really like now! In fact, we are encouraged by what the adoption of our clients now! which led us to the next level, we have decided to start capturing all the opportunities not only use the right time, in a new inventory system that we call Bank Deal.Desde then, we were silent building our inventory. Last year, we increased our selection of offers U.S. operations about 13 times, more than 27,000 at the end of Q3. To date, we have opened the doors so you can search and browse the inventory of opportunities, both daily operations and real-time now! offers. Yes, you can actually type in a search (“pizza”, “Couples massage”, “oil change”), and you can browse by category (Food and Drink, Beauty and Spa, and so on) and the Indian sub-category (kitchen, massage, yoga). You can also specify exactly where you want your trip. Just type in a neighborhood of address, or city, and instantly find the nearest, offers more relevant to that ubicación.Todos we are pleased to offer this local market, the first of its kind, if any. Stay tuned for more improvements coming cold weeks and months to come! * Please note that we are busy testing the market right now, so if you do not see all the great things that I described above, do not worry, it just means you did not get in one of the experimental groups, but it will be available to all Holden pronto.Jeff | SVP Product

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